Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Random Fact Wednesday - The Rules of Christmas

I have a personal rule about Christmas, and it's no Christmas music, movies, or festivities until after Thanksgiving; the reason being that Thanksgiving has become lost between the marketing of Halloween and Christmas. Plus if you've been preparing for Christmas 2-3 months in advance, it's less exciting and special.
Today I broke my rule. I've spent the morning going through the Christmas file on my computer, getting decorating and craft ideas. I'm resisting the urge to watch Love Actually and The Family Man.

Brewier flew in from Albuquerque, late Friday night and yesterday afternoon he went back to N.M. It seems like he just gets here and its time to leave.
Oliver has been sick for two weeks now. Just when we think he's getting better, he relapses. He does have moments when feels well enough to play. Like when we tell him its time for a nap and he hides.


He got in the bin of Barbies and threw a bunch of the clothes on top of himself.


The kid keeps us laughing.


Marci said...

Love the rule! I get retail burn out working in it. Excellent hiding place Oliver, from the right angle!

Vickie said...

Too funny and cute!