Monday, October 29, 2012

Lazy Blogger

Once again I've become a lazy blogger, because Facebook is so much easier. I've also been having computer problems and am getting ready to mail the beast back to Apple to be repaired.
An Orlando friend had tickets for the Tampa Aquarium that she couldn't use and gave them to me, so this morning Jessica, Megan, and all the kids except Addison, went to view the sharks and fish. Megan smashed a penny for me :)


While they were gone, Addison and I went shopping. We bought her a makeup kit and boots; both things very much desired as they make her look more like mommy. I asked her to pose like mommy does.


Funny. I don't ever remember Jessica standing like that.
Her kit came with artificial nails.





Yes, she possesses the, "Fabulous," gene.

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