Monday, October 01, 2012

Ode to Autumn

I've been treating myself to fresh flowers in autumnal colors for the past couple of weeks. At $4 a pop, (I buy two bunches,)  it doesn't bust the budget and brings me great pleasure.


Brewier left for New Mexico early this morning. Though he'll be able to come home just as often as when he was working in N.C., it seems harder to be apart because he is so far away. I was really hoping he'd continue working in NC. I had hopes of hiking the mountains with him this month.

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Cindi said...

The flowers are beautiful and true to the colours we are now experiencing here in the north.
Wish I could transport some our fall beauty down to you but think they would arrive in pretty poor shape.

Very sad for you over the long distance between you and Brewier. :-( Ugh...that is hard.