Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Me Resting = Danger

When I rest I watch HGTV, or browse Pintrest. Then I start online shopping for new furniture and bedding. When I say shopping, I mean I put things in the cart but never check out, though in all honesty, we could use new furniture and bedding. My sofa is a hand me down from 1988 and is on its 5th slipcover. My bedding is 8 years old and has been abused by all my grandchildren... even Oxy clean isn't cutting it anymore. Oh...and Brewier has been sleeping on an inflatable mattress whenever he is home.

These things are sitting in my cart as we speak.

A side table. The two side tables I'm currently using cost me a total of $12. I like them but they are getting a bit rickety.


I LOVE this bookshelf. I'd love two of them even more.


This daybed for our guesthouse.


Isn't it all lovely?
I've even found an online source for affordable nontoxic sofas!

*Edit. Since writing this last night, I bought the bookcase. Gulp. Because I purchase most everything we own at thrift stores and garage sales,(it's like a treasure hunt!) it freaks me out a bit buying new.


LindaSue said...

I am often afraid of my online purchasing ability - the infamous One Click on Amazon.com has gotten me some odd bits in the mail BUT - you do have good taste in your danger zone!

Elizabeth said...

Love the bookshelf! I saw one like it at Cost Plus. I really love that line they have now.