Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I Want Lara Spencers Job.

Not the one on Good Morning America, but her thrift, flea market, design job. She goes out and shops these places to redecorates entire homes. It's what I've always wanted to do. Saturday I salivated as I sat tuned in to HGTV, and watched back to back episodes of her at thrift stores and garage sales, finding treasures to redecorate with. Its not unlike torture viewing all those magical stores and not being able to shop.

Here are my meager thrifted finds purchased over the course of a couple of months.


A mirrored brass tray, milk glass vase, Aigner wallet, vintage tie, leather belt.
The tie will become married with another to make a scarf. I'm turning the belt into a bracelet, and the vase I needed because I sold all of mine in our massive moving sale. The mirrored tray is on my night table, corralling my clock, phone and water glass.

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Mrs. Cheerio said...

You'd be a great shopper/buyer/decorator.