Friday, October 19, 2012

Flashback Friday - Jack -O- Lantern

The original of this is fuzzy, but I still love it. My brother Kenny and I holding hands, (we held hands a lot in photos when we were young,) in front of Halloween pumpkins. What I remember is the dress, how soft the cotton was and the lace edging on the sleeves.


This came in the mail today all the way from B.C. Canada, and put the biggest smile on my face. Megan and I sat and sniffed the leaves for awhile, enjoying the fragrance of autumn. Jane said they most likely smelled like her bible, specifically Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, since that is where she pressed the leaves :)



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Elizabeth said...

I love sixties Halloween photos. I just found some of my husband when he was little and they are so darn cute. I don't have any of myself though.