Saturday, September 29, 2012

September Sigh

I missed Retro Friday. I had a post and picture already to go, then decided I didn't like it.   I'm experiencing my autumn sadness right now. Not the, "Oh, I miss the changing of seasons and beautiful color," sad; but an ache in my chest...its hard to explain.
I woke up having waves of sadness and couldn't figure out why until I saw Sarahs Facebook update. Oh yeah, Ellies birthday. She would have been 14 today.
We had big plans to go out and look at campers, and thrift store shop, but were having such a nice time all sitting around drinking tea and discussing UFO's, that we decided to just hang out at home. I made an apple pie, (that is almost gone already!) and our AC went out right afterward. Thankfully our landlord was able to get someone over to look at it this evening and it is running once again. It's not so much the heat that makes things uncomfortable here, but the humidity.  It is usually 98% when I wake up and drops to 78% during the hottest part of the day. I'm really surprised I haven't developed gills.
Retro photo. I was 9 and very excited to have a long haired kitten. We'd had cats before, but always shorthaired. This was the first and last longhaired one I ever had...It's one thing to have to wipe a babies bum, quite another to wipe a cats. Enough said.


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LindaSue said...

oh dear - I had changed calendars and didn't see Ellie's birthday this time - can it already be that long? I have had a decent day - but can't depend on them enough to start blogging again - hope the pie helped - adorable picture - I don't have long haired indoor cat (long haired barn cat doesn't cause much fuss)