Friday, September 07, 2012

Retro Friday - First day of School.

I've posted this photo before, some years ago, but I thought it appropriate to do so again, with this being the week that most kids go back to school. I was going into first grade here, and more than anything I was jazzed about my, "Mystery Date," lunch box that was also a game you could play. Of course I couldn't read it to actually play the game, but I thought it very grown up and romantic.


I remember really liking my red Keds too.


Elizabeth said...

Hey, we had the same hair cut. Are you in first grade in this picture? That is when all my hair got chopped off. i love your lunch box. I think mine was Winnie the Poo.

LindaSue said...

Oh my gosh - you have my first day of school outfit and haircut! Weren't we adorable?