Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Random Fact Wednesday

I can't even remember the last time I did one of these.

Our house is open concept and has all tile floors. I  like to put on socks, run, and slide across the house. Probably not the wisest thing to be doing at 50, but its fun. When I was in middle school we lived in a house with hard wood floors. I remember polishing them with Pledge, making them super slippery to slide on. My mom and dad were not so appreciative of my efforts as it made the floors a wee bit dangerous to walk on.

Oliver woke up so happy and bubbly this morning, but by noon was running a temperature and was only content with Megan holding him. This is how she has spent the day. Poor guy.


I had set my tiny glass of wine down to take that photo and when I went to pick it up thought, "That would be a nice photo."


The wine is delicious, Gerard Sauvignon Blanc, found at Costco. It tastes like a crisp fall day.
I'm sorely missing autumn.

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