Thursday, September 13, 2012

Our Big Adventure

Last weekend Trader Joe's opened a store in Sarasota; a mere hour and a half away from us, and just a few miles from one of my favorite beaches. Yesterday Jessica, Megan and I along with the kids , took a day trip to stock up on cheap chocolate and play in the water.
I knew the store would be packed, but was not prepared for just how busy it was. 85% of the shoppers were over the age of 70, and a good many of them were riding motorized carts. Oliver and the kids were big hits with the older women, but the old
men shopping in the store were pushy and rude and all needed to be in time out. Despite the craziness, we had a good time.

Jessica was fortunate to find a parking space right up front!


I parked across the street at a bagel shop, avoiding all the traffic and providing a place to use the bathroom and get a snack for Addison and Kate.


The store looks so empty in this photo! It wasn't. In fact despite the continual restocking, many of the shelves were bare.


After loading up on chocolate, cookies and chips, we headed for Siesta Key. Everyone but Jessica, who dislikes the beach as much as I love it, brought bathing suits.


I love this photo of Oliver and Megan.


What you can't see are the dozens of fish nibbling on her. There were so many different species swimming in the shallow water.


These are two of my favorite fish.


Oliver was not too sure about putting his feet in the sand and walking through the water.


And you know I can't go to the beach without taking a picture of my happy feet.


After the beach Jessica and her kiddos drove home, but Megan and I went back to Trader Joe's for a little more shopping.
It was such a fun day and I feel so blessed to be able to spend time with my daughters and grandchildren!


LindaSue said...

TJ's - I have a love hate thing with the store - I end up with too much produce for one person and waste - but oh my goodness what a nice place to find delicious fresh foods. The manager at store in Fort Worth gave me the secret - get there no later than 9 am - plenty of space, shelves well stocked and - well not as many old grouches!(I added that part - despite my years and grey hair - I don't think I'm an old grouch!)

Mrs. Cheerio said...

Woohoo! You guys finally have a close-ish TJ's! That's great... I'm interested in what kind of goodies you found? I cannot go there without trying at least one new thing each time. :)

The beach looks amazing. I've never been, but I would love to see a Florida beach sometime in my life.