Monday, September 24, 2012

Many of My Days Look the Same.

Its true. I hang out with small people and take pictures of them swimming, playing, eating. When Sarah and I went out for lunch Saturday, I realized it had been over a week since I had left the house. Granted I had a cold, but still...a week!
Jessica had errands to do today so Addison, Kate and Clay spent the day here. Many funny things were said...but because they are not my children I can't post their utterances.

They look like super heroes here, no? They were patiently waiting for Brewier to jump in the pool with them.


I have a whole suitcase of dress up clothes that I thought the kids had forgotten about, it had been so long since they played with them. Today they unpacked the suitcase and gave us a fashion show.



We wondered why it had become so quiet. They were all on the bed watching a cartoon on the Nook.


The lovely Jessica who burns the candle at both ends.


And a rare photo of her sitting down.


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