Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lots of Pictures to Make Up For a Lack of Blogging.

Last week was our Orlando week, when we do our errands, visit with friends, and eat Thai food and cupcakes.

Here is Oliver excitedly awaiting his vegan, gluten free cupcake.


We got it to go and gave Oliver the box to hold while in his car seat. A few minutes later we heard him saying, "Mmmm, it's good." We look back and he had opened the box and was enjoying his treat, interjecting, "Mmm, it's good," between every bite.

The Mills 50 district was having an art day and we saw quite a few installations.



There was a yard full of limos by Thai house.


Oliver spent time playing with his other grandma.


And Megan got an asymmetrical hair cut from Renee,


while I enjoyed these tasty treats she made.(Fresh figs stuffed with goat cheese and wrapped in bacon. It's also what Megan and I had for lunch...and dinner last night.)


Brewier came home for the weekend and I made a berry cobbler from a recipe in my 75 cent, Williams Sonoma cookbook.


Brewier took Oliver to the grocery store and had him pick out a bouquet of flowers to give to his mommy. (Brewier gave me flowers too...in a more subdued color palette.)


Brewier and Oliver watched football together.


Yesterday, ignoring the 98 degree weather, I started putting out fall decorations.

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