Monday, September 17, 2012

I Bought Something Practical and Without Fur

......Have you recovered from the shock yet? As I was telling Sarah a couple of weeks ago, I've accumulated a wardrobe that is very much me, but is for a lifestyle I've never, nor will ever have. I've purposed to start buying shoes and clothing that I can actually wear on a regular basis.
Last week I bought this hoodie online. I'd been eying it for a couple of months but put off buying it because it was very expensive as far as hoodies go. But it is way cool. There are hidden pockets to carry just about everything you need.



I justified the price knowing I will get more wear from it than any of the coats I own, that get worn once a year if even that.


Not practical for Florida, but I love them and wear them when I can, even if its just a walk around the block on the rare cold day.
I bought a pair of boots online too. I sent the link to Sarah for her to see them and she was surprised. They aren't high heeled and glamorous, but a pair of black riding boots. I've wanted boots all my life and have never owned a pair because its hard to find ones that fit my toothpick thin calves.

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LindaSue said...

and the woman with BIG fat calves says - glad you found a boot you like. Cute hoodie and about those fur coats - the black with mink appearing collar? is that for your I'm channeling Jackie O nights?
I am impressed I'm actually looking at a beautiful tweed top coat of my DH (rest his soul) and thinking I could convert to a girl coat by putting a velveteen placket and collar lining - he bought at Nordstrom's for FAR too much money at a time when he had that kind of money.
So congrats on the practical hoodie and cool booties!