Sunday, September 02, 2012

Four Hours.

That is how long Sarah and I spent in the Salvation Army store. I know this because I had found a couple of leather handbags and they were holding them at the cash register for when I was ready to check out. One of the sales people kept trying to get the cashier to sell them to some of the other shoppers who were inquiring about them, saying we probably changed our mind and left the store, , but he stuck to his guns and insisted we were probably still shopping. He was correct and I thanked him for his diligence.
It's always fun to go to thrift stores with Sarah because it is so easy to find things that fit her. We found so many great things for her. Do I have pictures of our fun day, or any photos fr. om her visit this weekend, you ask? Why no I don't. It was a lazy weekend that didn't involve showering or makeup or photos. Before she left I did manage to snap this picture of us modeling the bracelets she bought at the thrift store.


And I may have been sneaky and taken a picture while we were getting ready to eat breakfast....


The leather handbags were not very thrifty in price, but I liked them and Sarah can be very persuasive.




I bought this vintage wool crepe dress for $5! I know it doesn't look like much on the hanger, but it looks quite fabulous on me.


Sarah had the most wonderful idea while here. She thinks we should have side by side houses, connected by a giant walk in closet. Yes please.


Mrs. Cheerio said...

The Fossil bag is incredible! What a great find!

Glad to see you out and about!

Vickie said...

If Corey and I ever get over that way I know where I want to go....

LindaSue said...

The dress looks like it would be fabulous - Sarah looks wonderful as always - thanks for giving me a peek at her and that E. growing up so fast!