Sunday, September 23, 2012

Celebrating Sarah

Sarah turned 40 this week, though honestly, she could still pass for 33, and Friday she came over for a visit, and to recuperate from all her birthday festivities. While we love and immerse ourselves in all things fashion related, we spend most of our time together, makeup free and in our pajamas... which explains why the only picture I took of Sarah this weekend was yesterday at lunch.


See. 33.
The rest of our weekend has looked like this.

Megan made Croque Monsieur for dinner last night. Oh. My. It was so good.


Oliver has been enjoying having his Poppie home. They race in the pool and watch football together.



Thats a penny stuck to Olivers face. Who teaches him that stuff??

I thought I was getting over this cold and maybe I have, but today has been a struggle to breathe. I'm hoping I have a couple of good days before Brewier leaves for New Mexico, next Monday.

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Elizabeth said...

At first I was worried Oliver had an owie on his face. That is too funny.