Thursday, August 16, 2012

Things Are Different in Florida.

There was a tourism campaign back in the 90's that went something like that, and it's true. For example, here in FL. Styrofoam peanuts are passed off as snow.
The kids had a grand time breaking them into little pieces and throwing them in the air. Then they would run and slide on them and roll around on them. It got much messier than this, but still only took five minutes to clean the peanuts up.




The air is different here. It's mostly water. Megan and I took Oliver to a park late one typical Fl morning. My camera lens is not dirty, or fogged up. This is just how wet the air is.



Thankfully there was a splash park to cool off at.


When it rains, and it does nearly every afternoon in the summer; it floods.


Those rain storms make for beautiful sunsets.


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Elizabeth said...

Oh boy does that look sticky and steamy! It would be very odd if it rained her in the summer! The first rain we usually get is on the week of Halloween.
Love the popcorn snow :)