Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Salvation Army

I'm really missing garage sales here in Wesley Chapel. I'm in the suburbs of the suburbs and sales are far and few between. We do have a Goodwill and a Salvation Army fairly close to the house, so in treasure hunting desperation I visited both. Goodwill was filled with lots of new stuff....things that didn't sell at the Dollar Tree, most of it priced at $1.50. The Salvation Army was packed. There are at least 50 parking spaces at the store and I had to drive around waiting for someone to leave. This got my hopes up. Silly me. I had Gator with me and even he was appalled at the prices. Things that I'm used to seeing for a dollar or two, were $8-$10. I wandered through the furniture section disheartened by both the prices and lack of quality. I did come across a piece of furniture I thought Meg could use, and I was drawn to a vintage coffee table, but at $40, I passed. A few days later I took Meg to look at the furniture and she bought an old highboy to keep all her shipping supplies in.



The coffee table I had admired earlier in the week was still there, though now in a different location. I kept staring at it, liking it more and more despite the fact its not really my style. So I bought it.


I really like the long smooth surface. For now it is replacing my bonded leather ottoman that started falling apart; little pieces of leather peeling off and finding their way to the far corners of my house. Yuck.


My younger self would have been excited to reupholster the piece, but I'm a bit tired these days. What I'd really like to get is this top grain leather ottoman.
But $1100? Seriously? No.

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