Friday, August 31, 2012

Retro Friday

In the evenings my dad would read to us and I remember seeing those words on the page and wanting so desperately to be able to read them myself. I was going to write about that, but then I took a look at the photo and what I was wearing... not so much the dress itself, but the fact I have on jewelry and my patent leather purse. I always thought it importnat to be, "dressed." Now this doesn't mean I didn't wear play clothes and climb trees or get dirty, but I always wanted to be glamourous.



LindaSue said...

were the shoes patent leather also? I fondly remember having my "dress" shoes for church and the rare go to a restaurant with the family occasions. Fun memories - thanks for sharing

Mrs. Cheerio said...

I can totally see you wanting to be glamorous at such a young age!

Elizabeth said...

LOVE this picture! Your dad is so cute :) What a great memory too. My parents didn't read to us, and I think I only remember my dad telling us a bedtime story once.