Friday, August 17, 2012

Retro Friday: Wrestlemania

When my brother Kenny and I were pretty young, my dad carpooled to work. I remember us walking to the end of our alley, excitedly waiting for him to be dropped off and walk home with us. Once home we ate dinner, but afterwards my dad would spend time with us. One of our favorite things to do with him was wrestle.


Notice his missing index finger; he lost it shortly before he and my mom married. As a baby I liked chewing on was great for teething babies. One time he was carrying me through a store while I happily gnawed on his finger and a lady came up to him upset, thinking he was choking me with his finger stuck down my throat. I'm sure he did something like pull it out and with a shocked face told her I chewed it off.


Elizabeth said...

That is such a cut picture!! I can just hear the giggles and feel the joy taking place! Funny story about your dad's finger too :)

hilltopper said...

im laughing out loud at the finger story. your dad must have been a character.

Darlene Sherwood said...

So funny. Yesterday I was telling Marion and Sandra how you trick kids with a finger in a box! This explains it (: