Friday, August 03, 2012

Retro Friday. Born This Way.

This is me at 6 weeks old.


Underneath the photo my mom wrote that I was a very fussy baby. Later she would find out that I was allergic to the formula she was giving me, so the doctor put me on cows milk...which I was also allergic too. Yep. This has been my life. Allergies, sensitivities and insomnia. Baby, I was born this way.


Elizabeth said...

Oh Wow, cool picture!! Your parents are adorable :) How funny back then, what they thought was good to give to a baby. I was the only kid that was breastfed, but my mom only did it for I think less than three months, and then she said they told her to give me condensed milk watered down. Yikes! I can't even imagine that today!!

I'm off now to do my post :)

diana said...

the p on your moms shirt reminds me of the show laverne and shirly lol