Monday, August 06, 2012

Jessica had a dental appointment, so the kiddos spent the morning with me. I just realized I haven't any pictures of Clay,(except the back of his head, here,) so I'll tell you he spent most of his time in the kitchen eating and snagging food from anyone else who was eating.
The girls kept busy with their gymnastic maneuvers,


and making initial t-shirt's.


(side note: see all the mail in the upper part of the sorter. Thats for the guy who owns the house; he gets more mail than we do. I have a grocery bag full in our garage.


Kate an Oliver watched videos on the Nook.


GIANT BABY! My camera sometimes does funky things with perspective, like making Oliver look bigger than his 3 year old cousin.



Oliver snuck into the van as his cousins were leaving, and Addison buckled him in with her. He wasn't too happy about having to stay home with me.



Cindi said...

The t shirts the girls made were so cute and Oliver is really very photogenic.

Cindi said...

Your house looks like a perfect 'grandkid' hangout. The last picture is priceless. Looks like the girls and Oliver are tickled pink with their sneaky ways and Clay is not too pleased with another guy in his turf. LOL

hilltopper said...

i love this post! it looks like you had a great day with the kids. and the tee shirts are SO cool.

hilltopper said...

oh and Kate is growing into such a pretty, pretty girl. baby kate no where to be found.

Elizabeth said...

The little t-shirts are so cute!

Oliver is getting so big though despite the odd perspective. He is such a cutie.