Saturday, August 18, 2012

I Went to Dade City...

And didn't take any pictures, which is a shame because its a cute little town with lots of antique shops and restaurants. I saw some nice things in the antique shops, but I'm used to paying garage sale prices so unless it's something I can't live without, I just look. Brewier and I did stop at a thrift store and I got this shadow box for $2.50.


I removed the metal picture hangers from the back and then removed the back board and black paper.


The dividers came apart making it very easy to clean them.


The shadow box is 12x12, so a piece of scrapbook paper fit perfectly inside. Much prettier.


What am I going to use this for you ask? Take a look at my top dresser drawer. One half panties, the other half this mess of bracelets, pins, rings and earrings.


But now it looks like this!



LindaSue said...

You are just too clever - wish you were here and could put some artistic sense to the STUFF I am finding in storage building as I complete the renovation of my little house. Ay yi yi yi - so much stuff!
I like that organizational find -

Vickie said...

Nice find and great storage idea!