Monday, July 02, 2012

Where Was I Last Week?

Except for my scheduled posts, I wasn't on line very much. It was Megans birthday week and she had two different friends come to stay with us. She partied while I watched Oliver, so any computer time I had was spent watching Friday Night Lights. If you've never seen it, Seriously, you should watch it; it is so well written, filmed and cast. Last night Megan and I rented John Carter, solely because the lead actor was from Friday Night Lights. Have you seen the movie? We really enjoyed it!
Today I should be meal planning for the 4th, and for the time while Brewier is home. I just don't enjoy doing it anymore...or cooking. Maybe if I didn't have so many food sensitivities it would be different. Pretty much the only safe things are meat and organic vegetables. You'd think I'd be losing weight, but I'm not and its a mystery. In fact I think I'm heavier. Jessica and I were going through my sparse wardrobe, and I have few things that fit. Its very depressing.
On to photos.
This is Meg's friend Shirlee, (who helped her at the Maker Faire.)


And this is Corey, who she has known since she was 6. Corey is an artist like her mom, my friend Vickie, (who painted my portrait for my birthday,) and she an Megan spent two days painting with watercolors.


I had planned a whole montage of photos for Megans birthday, but I'm just going to share a couple of my favorites.



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Elizabeth said...

In the last photo of Megan, I can see Oliver.

I don't have many food sensitivities, but I think since we are the age we are, we just can't eat poorly and get away with it anymore :( I can't drink milk like I use to, so I quit that, and feel better. Wine kills me :( If I don't eat pretty much the same darn thing everyday, then my body starts complaining. I hate it, and yes, the weight is not moving in the right direction.