Friday, July 13, 2012

Retro Friday. What Kids Did Before Computers.

I'm late doing this because all day I've thought it was Monday. We've spent the past few days in Orlando and that somehow had me out of sorts.
One of my favorite pastimes as a kid was building forts. I think I could have easily become and architect. I loved the process of designing and building, but was bord with the whole playing in the fort. Once one was completed, I was ready to move on to another project. Here my brother Kenny and I created a subterranean fort, spending hours digging a hole big enough and deep enough for us both to fit in.



Patricia Ryan said...

I love that you've been posting all these great family pics! I've seen tons from my Mom's side, but not many from the Pflug side.

Vickie said...

When we lived in Alaska we made igloos and tunnels to the igloos because the snow would be as deep as our house was tall.

Elizabeth said...

OMG!!! I just had a friend over, and I was telling her kids about all the forts my brother and I built in the field behind our house! I too and posting my retro Friday late as well, since that friend just left and it is now 5:00pm. I totally forgot about it, until I saw your post:)

Your picture is soooooo great. I really wish I had some pictures of the cool forts we made.