Friday, July 20, 2012

Retro Friday. Pflug Pfamily Pfhoto

Scotch Plains, NJ. 1971 or 1972
Me with my three younger brothers, Greg, Roger and Kenny. Greg had just minutes before the photographers arrival, cut his own hair. My hair on the other hand was the longest it had ever been. My mother always kept it short in a pixie cut, or a short shag, while I had always wanted long hair and was finally old enough to grow it out. I love the I'm tunic and purple suede belt I'm wearing; purple was my favorite color at the time.


My brother Kenny had and continues to have that squinty look on his face any time a camera is aimed at him. He and flash photography do not get along.

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Elizabeth said...

I know how you feel with the hair! I will be showing my pixie cut soon. What was up with moms loving that hair do?? Twiggy really did a number on them. I remember when my mom's hairdresser friend cut my hair that way, and I went int he bathroom and cried forever!!!

I love your styling outfit in this picture