Sunday, July 08, 2012

Pennies From Heaven

Well, maybe not heaven, but Hawaii...and I hear its heavenly there. Leah is living in Hawaii with her Air Force husband and has thoughtfully smashed pennies for me from different locations.
As Leah told me, "One is from I'olani palace (the grandest palace in the entire Hawaiian Kingdom), one is from pearl harbor, and the other is from Hanauma Bay (which is a nature preserve where you can snorkel over the reef and see all the tropical fish/sea turtles)."


My penny collection is growing!


The dish sits next to my bed where I can admire them, and Oliver can longingly gaze at them while I tell him they are not for him to play with. Yeah, I mean like that.


And as my daughters will attest to, I get teary whenever someone makes me smashed pennies.

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