Monday, July 30, 2012

It Started With a Sneeze.

There is a certain sneeze I have when I'm getting sick. I don't know how to describe it, but yesterday throughout the day I sneezed three different times, and I knew. By the evening my nose was drippy and my throat was getting sore, as was Megan's. Now Oliver has just awoken from his nap...sneezing. At least we are all sick at once.
We've been lazing around watching the Olympics. Did you watch the opening ceremonies? Megan, Oliver, Addison and I did, along with Brewier, via video chat. I thought they were funny. Oliver was glued to the television, but Addison got bored and kept asking if we could go to bed. I made her stay up until the USA marched into the stadium. She was not impressed.

olymics with poppie

Saturday morning Addison and I had tea and treats on the porch,using what she called, "lady plates," then went for a swim.



Sunday around lunch time we got a call from Shirlee. She and Estevan were only minutes from our house, could they stop b for a visit. Um...YES!
Oliver was so happy to have a guy to hang out with and taught Estevan all about reloading a Nerf gun.



We sat around watching UFO videos and talking about conspiracy theories, something we all love to do. We made sure to remove our aluminum foil hats for the photo.


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Mrs. Cheerio said...

Ugh, I hate that early-sickness ickiness! I'm sorry y'all are sick... I hope you get well soon!