Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Homeschoolers Do It Everyday.

I made a quick trip to Orlando For a doctors appointment and a pajama Tuesday visit with Renee. After she cut my hair I was on the computer researching, "safe," hair color...there is no such thing, and I heard Renee voice coming from Evas room. She was reading, "The Boxcar Children," out loud while Eva did a puzzle and folded laundry. That is the beauty of home education. There are no set days or hours, it is a constant state.



I saw this jacket hanging on Evas desk chair. The, "Dynomite," was a dead give away that it belonged to Renee when she was a kid.


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Anonymous said...

We've read The Boxcar Children to V about 100 times...it was one of my favorites and now it's one of his too! I only like the first one though...