Saturday, July 07, 2012

The Fourth Without Fireworks

For the past 25 years, every fourth of July morning, we have gone to the Winter Park celebration in the park,where we would eat hot dogs, listen to bands and visit with friends, so it was strange not to do it this year. Thankfully Ray, Jessica and the kids were coming over at 10am, otherwise I probably would have been a sad lump of self pity.
I had picked this puzzle up at a garage sale and thought it would be the perfect time to get it started. I enjoy jigsaw puzzles and it rarely takes me more than a day or two to complete one.


This one is evil with minute postage stamps making up the colors of the flag.


I put it away last night, very much unfinished.
Most of the time was spent in the pool. We put the slide next to the water for the kids.


Some kids are bigger than others.



I was inside fixing food most of the time and gave Jessica my camera to capture some of the day. It was fun to see the pictures she took.





Oliver was pretty tired after playing with his cousins.


Jessicas family left around 3pm, headed to the beach for evening fireworks. We lazed around working on the puzzle until 8pm when Independence Day came on tv. We used to watch that movie nearly every Friday night while eating pizza.
We didn't see any fireworks, but could hear them going off all around us. I thought I'd be sad about missing them, but I'm okay with it. I get so sick from the smoke it was nice to be in my safe nest.


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