Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I'm still having trouble breathing and that has me in a funk; I put a very whiney post up last night and deleted it this morning.
We are still in the midst of tropical storm Debby. It will be really windy and rainy for a while, then the band will clear and the sun comes out, and the wind dies down until the next band. During one of those breaks Megan and Oliver went for a swim. This was his first time floating around the pool by himself. He loved it. I did not. I freak out very easily when a kid chokes on water. Could be because I had 2 near drowning incidents when I was young.


These smashed pennies from Monica came in the mail yesterday. I danced around the kitchen, a penny in each hand. I love souvenir pennies.


You know what I don't love? Spiders in my soup. I dished out a bowl to have for lunch and saw this guy in it. He must have lowered himself into the pot while it was heating. Normally I'd pick him out and eat the soup, (I live in FL. You get used to bugs,) but I kept thinking, what if he is poisonous and I ingest his venom. Shush Brewier, I can hear you laughing from 600 miles away.


This was our patio on Sunday. See the water rushing toward the house? Megan got soaking wet moving all the patio furniture to the garage, only to have the garage start taking on water.


Thats the garage side door open. I was trying to sweep some of the water out the front door and away from the house, but it was rainy so hard and flooding so fast I don't know if it made any difference. Fortunately I remembered some play sand we had bought for Oliver, and made sand bags to put across the garage door.


Here are two of the photos that I posted in last nights deleted blog. He was dancing around with my head phones on.



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Vickie said...

He's soooooo cute. And spider in the soup ewwww boil the pot and throw out the soup ewwww. I hate spiders!!!!!