Monday, June 11, 2012

The Weekend Where Nothing Went as Planned.

Brewier got in very late Wednesday night, home for a four day weekend. Thursday I had Jessicas kids for the day, so our plan was to go to the beach on Friday, then Saturday morning , John, Sarah anad Ethan would be here and spend the night.
Well, beach day was cancelled due to rain and Sarah texted to say Ethan wasn't feeling great and all the rain had put John behind on work, (He owns a lawn maintenance business,) so the weekend stay wasn't going to work out. Brewier I decided we would go to the beach on Saturday, but that didn't happen because Brewier started feeling icky from being back in Florida. Lets just say the whole weekend felt weird, like being in limbo; so when I got a text from Sarah on Saturday night asking if they could visit us on Sunday, I was more than thrilled to say yes.
John and Ethan dropped Sarah off at 8:30 in the morning and headed to Busch Gardens, leaving Sarah and I to do what we do best. Eat, shop, and watch tv. After being fueled by a delicious breakfast of french toast, eggs and bacon, made by Megan; Sarah and I went shopping; a time when I cheat death to pursue and purchase cute clothes and acessories that I never will never get to wear outside my home. In the 30 minutes we had in the store before I had to leave with an asthma attack, I was able to find a dress and a pair of sandals. Sarah found four great pairs of shoes, but bought just two of them. Our plan was to come home and model and photograph our finds so I could put them on my blog. This is the only pic I have. Megan, wearing Sarahs, new, 5 inch heels, making her 6'2" tall.


After this Sarah introduced me to the show, Drop Dead Diva, which I now love, and all thoughts of taking photos vanished.
So sad.
(But you can see her new pair of strappy mustard shoes in the corner of the pic.)

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Jane said...

My weekend didn't go as planned either. WE REALLY are kindred spirits. Hahaha.