Friday, June 08, 2012

Retro Friday

December 20. 1971, Scotch Plains, N.J. My youngest brother, Gregs, second birthday. I turned 10, three days later.

dcember 1971

I am the oldest of four and these are my brothers, Kenny, Roger, and Greg. You know how kids go through a chubby stage right before they grow? This was mine; thankfully it didn't last long and within a couple of months I was gaining height and the need for a bra. I wasn't to happy about that last part and I think thats when my slouching and poor posture started.
Roger is the blonde in the family and looking at this photo I can't get over how much he looks like Gregs son, Sam.


Elizabeth said...

We call the chubby stage "Moon Pie phase." We giggle at the girls school photos now and see the soft roundness of the kids faces at this age. They are so sweet.

Mrs. Cheerio said...

Wow, you still look so much like your childhood self!

I love these Retro posts... I may copy you someday soon!