Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rainy Days

We are currently in the center of tropical storm Debby.


Despite the wind, rain and tornado warnings, Brewier left an hour ago, driving back to N.C. for work.
We did manage to squeeze in this rainy day repast before he left. Along with this we had a pot of tea. I'm getting ready to make the 5th pot of the day. Yes, 5th.


After a week of being sick, I'm finally starting to feel a bit better. Due to the aching across my back and chest, along with not having enough breath to talk, I'm pretty sure I had pneumonia. Brewier has instructed me to keep the house at 75 degrees so that the humidity stays down, making it easier to breathe. So in the midst of our hot humid summer, I'm wearing long sleeves and socks....and I like it.


Elizabeth said...

How far does you husband have to drive? That must be a bit nerve wracking that has to drive in that storm :(

Hope he arrives safe and sound.

Brewier said...

Elizabeth, it is 600 miles. It took me 9 hours. I'm fine, but I can't say the same for some of the slow drivers that got in my way. :) Why do so many drivers get is the fast lane and drive slow, then refuse to get over to let the other drivers pass?