Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Like a Pile of Snakes

Only pretty. This is my pile of vintage ties that currently resides next to my chair. I try to keep them out of Olivers sight, otherwise he dives into them and rolls around on them just like a dog on a dead animal.


I've been working on my upcycled vintage tie scarves. Scarves. Its kind of a weird word. Scarves. Say it like a pirate.



I really enjoy sewing by hand.


Yesterday Jessica and Sarah, along with all their kids came over to visit and swim. Sarah and her 3 children have been driving cross country to visit her husband who is currently working in south Florida. Brave woman. Sarah has a blog where she shares her vintage finds and crafty endeavors. She made this gorgeous bunting from a thrifted quilted jacket. I visit it daily in her Etsy shop and told her I want to purchase it as soon as she gets home.


I love having a house full of people.



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