Saturday, June 23, 2012

I Think He Wants to Be Jewish.

Oliver took this black insert from the cup in Megans bathing suit. He puts it on his head and walks around the house like he is wearing a hat.



He keeps us in stitches.
Brewier and I have been trying for a beach day for at least a month; it never seems to work out though. This weekend there is a tropical storm headed our way and it has been raining off and on for days, so we've been having lazy days hanging out at home. In all honesty, that describes most of my days. We've been having some serious discussions about moving to N.C. in hopes of improving my health. Wednesday night when Brewier arrived back in Fl. he stepped out of his car and said he couldn't believe how bad, and stinky the air was. Ironically I was thinking how fresh the air was because it had been raining all day. It's time for some fresh mountain air. And seasons...though winter weather isn't something I haven't lived through in over 25 years. Maybe I should consider owning a caravan and becoming a gypsy. Not the kind on tv though.


Moo said...

Then you guys will be even closer to us! You can come visit us on our future farm and help us pick blueberries :D

J said...

With your husband working in NC and the poor quality of life you have to suffer in FL moving sounds like the best choice.