Thursday, June 14, 2012

Can't I Just Be Stacy or Clinton? (Preferably Stacy)

Because I am so good at shopping ...and critiquing others wardrobes, but thats another story.
Due to the fact my week has consisted of hugging a tissue box and chasing children, todays post is going to be quickly snapped, poorly lit photos of my recent wardrobe purchases.
This is my summer handbag that I bought about a month ago. I'm really picky about my the purse I carry, and don't often find ones that I can both afford and find aesthetically pleasing, so when I do come across one, I buy it.


I like nice hardware. (Thats what she said.) I couldn't resist.


I bought this handbag last week. The leather is like butter; even the cashier had a quick intake of breath and went, "Oh!" when she touched it. Its more than I ever spend..twice as much as the other bag, gulp. But, I searched all winter looking for a bag in this color, with a silhouette that I liked, so I bought this and left the tags on. Then Brewier told me to cut the tags off. Ok.


Again, nice hardware.


The bag looks great with my new hat.



I saw these sandals in matte gold back in Feb. and didn't buy them. I immediately regretted the decision, but the shoes were gone when I went back. I found them in the less desirable shiny gold and bought them because they are so comfortable.


My latest purchase is this maxi dress. Its like wearing a nightie, always a plus.


I want to thank my assistants Clay and Oliver, for modeling and hanging on to my every move during this photo shoot.

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Mrs. Cheerio said...

I don't know who Stacy or Clinton are, but I l-o-v-e that maxi dress! It's awesome.