Sunday, June 03, 2012

Cafe Hey

Bored with the suburban life, Megan, Oliver, (Who really had no choice,) and I decided to go to St Pete and explore. Just as we were approaching downtown Tampa, Megan suggests giving Keith a call and seeing what he is up to. He says he can meet us in an hour, so to kill time we decide to drive around Tampa and see the sights.
These are the sights.


People keep telling me that there are really nice parts of Tampa. We did not find them. We did stop at an Asian food store, where thoughts of getting a concealed weapons permit crossed my mind.
Thankfully it wasn't long until we met up with Keith. (With more of beautiful Tampa in the background.)

cafe hey2

It felt wonderful to be in an Indy cafe with the inked and pierced people.

cafe hey

Over our table was a found object chandelier. Yes, that is an animal pelt at the top. I would love to make one....but I don't know where I would hang it. Maybe in my sadly neglected Etsy shop?

found objecy chandy

After our visit to downtown I've realized a few things

1. Even on a weekend with no traffic, I have a hard time breathing city air.
2. Orlando's motto is, "The City Beautiful." It is true and I need to stop comparing other cities to it.
3. Winter Park, where I lived, made Orlando look like Tampa.
4.Its time for this gal to get out of Florida, hike some mountains and breathe some clean air. We rent now so moving is
an option.


hilltopper said...

theres clean air on my porch. :)

Mrs. Cheerio said...

At one time in history, everyone with allergies moved to Arizona to breathe well, but now there is so much pollution and dirt in the air, no one can breathe!

I kind of dig that chandelier, creepy as it is. :)

Elizabeth said...

Come out west :) Maybe Oregon, or Washington would be good for fresh clean air!