Saturday, May 12, 2012

Trying to Make This Home.

This morning Megan Oliver and I headed to the little town of Zephyrhills to go thrifting.

thrift store

While we only made it to two shops, (Oliver was a wee bit cranky,) I did find a few things. A Scrabble game, a small magnifying mirror for in my travel case, because I've been trying to put my eyeliner on with a regular mirror and I endup looking like a hooker after a long night of work, and my real score, a vintage, gold tone, metal belt.


Megan unearthed this mug, and said to me , "Didn't you used to have this exact mug?" Yes I did. I bought it before she was even born and got rid of it when she was little, but she still remembered it!


This fellow was in our street when we got home. Not really the cutest turtle on the block....kind of creepy actually.


All that thrifting left us tired and wanting coffee, but I can't have coffee right now so we settled for mimosas.



Mrs. Cheerio said...

Thrifting and mimosas?! That sounds like a great day!

Also, LOL at your hooker reference.

Elizabeth said...

That turtle's face is very creepy! He looks like he came out of primordial ooze.

Finding new thrift shops is always a fun activity :)