Tuesday, May 29, 2012

So Much to Blog

Its overwhelming, so here is quick update.
Brewier got home late Wednesday night. Thursday morning he went up into the attic and in less than 5 minutes found the dead squirrel that 2 different exterminators couldn't find. He is my hero.
Friday we all went over to Orlando to set up Megans booth for the Maker Faire.


This is our friend, Shirlee, who ran the booth with Megan. We now call her Shirlee the Awesome....because she is.

booth shirlee

Brewier and I spent Saturday hanging out at the Faire and running around getting food for Meg and Shirlee.
We ate at a local restaurant, Jimmy Hulas. Yes, all that food is for the two of us. Kate saw the photo and asked if Brewier was praying. I lied and said yes. I LIED about praying.

jimmy hulas

Several high schools had booths at the Faire. I liked this banner that one of them displayed.

duct tape

There was a club there that built working R2D2's, and at the end of the day they had a robot parade.


Oliver was wary.


The coolest thing there had to be the singing Tesla coil located right next to Megan.


Megan did very well at teh Faire and made lots of good contacts and she was invited to be part of the November Maker Faire in Tampa!

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