Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My House Smells Like Death.

Yesterday it just smelled like poo, but today, definitely death. We've been telling our landlord that there are squirrels getting into the attic, in fact before we signed our lease we told him there was something dead in the attic that needed removed and it ended up being a squirrel. Since living here I've smelled death coming from the roof soffit out by the pool, but that was outside and I knew it would go away eventually. The smell in the house has been here 4 days and our landlord finally sent an exterminator out.. As soon as he stepped in the house he started choking and making faces. The I told him that compared to the kitchen and laundry room this was nothing. He said, "This is really bad, I need a respirator. I can'at believe you guys are able to be in here." He couldn't find anything in the attic and said the dead thing is probably stuck in some cranny somewhere and we just have to wait it out. Fabulous.
Megan, Oliver and I missed Jessicas kids so much that we went and picked up Kate and Addison to have them spend the afternoon with us. On the ride to my house I knew Addison was being awfully quiet, but it wasn't until we got home that I found out why. She had been sucking half a plastic Easter egg the entire trip home, giving herself a deep purple hickey.
She actually likes how it looks.

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