Friday, May 18, 2012

Jessica and Ray are in California celebrating their 10 year wedding anniversary, and the grandparents have all been taking turns watching the kids. Wednesday morning I picked them up and brought them home to stay with me until Monday.
So far it has been so much fun having them here. Yes, by the end of the night I'm tired a perhaps a bit grouchy, but I'm loving every minute. Our days start around 7am. everyone wakes up and gets dressed and plays a bit until breakfast is ready. This morning we ate out on the lanai.


After breakfast the kids play while Meg and I tidy up the breakfast dishes, then we load up the kids in the van and go out somewhere. Yesterday it was Target, today it was Big Lots and Publix, where they got to ride in the "driver," carts. (I think Megan has pictures of that.) When we get home it's lunch time,, followed by a little bit of play time then around 1pm Clay and Oliver go down for a nap, while Addison and Kate have quiet time. Addison plays games or watches a movie on the Nook and Kate watches learning videos on Youtube.

By 3pm everybody is rested and awake and ready for a snack and a swim. I love having a pool...the kids love it too. We spend about an hour outside, then come in and take showers or baths and put on our pajamas. The kids play or watch a movie, (here it was Wall-e,) and I get dinner ready.


Dinner is followed by more playtime, then around 7pm Kate, Clay and Oliver go to bed. Addison is allowed to stay up a bit later since she is the oldest.
So many funny things are said by the kids, and I wish I had time to write them down because by evening I've forgotten everything!

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Mrs. Cheerio said...

Oh, I love that you all can be outside so much and enjoy the pool and weather! That is awesome! Also, you are awesome for taking all three kids- I laughed so hard after I read your FB post and Megan's odds! :)