Wednesday, May 02, 2012

It's Wednesday Already??

Hmm...what have I done so far this week? Megan has been sick so I've been spending lots of time with Oliver. His favorite toys this week are a pot, measuring cups a wooden spoon and dominoes or other small toys to cook up. (Though right now Addison, who is spending the night, has commandeered these things and is making me a special birthday meal.)

oliver cooking

 Yesterday afternoon I got a call from Addison, telling me all about how she is picked on by her younger siblings; I'm the oldest in my family so I totally understand. Anyway, she said she needed some Maemae time....maybe we could go on a date to someplace fancy to eat, and then she could spend the night. I asked her what fancy place she would like to go to and she told me, "Some place that has pizza, or hamburgers...or Chick-Filla! And it has to be dark outside and we have to dress up." So tonight Brewier and I took her on her date.


I wish I could get a photo of her when she isn't making a goofy face.

I took a picture of our fountain...its a bit hard to see in the photo. Also notice the too large palm trees that we were going to return are now potted. We decided we liked them too much to return.


Oliver keeping his sick mommy company.

sick meg

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