Monday, May 07, 2012

I Miss Pierced and Tattooed People Who Talk to Light Bulbs, and Other Random Thoughts.

These were my words to Brewier on Saturday as we were out shopping. While there is much ethnic diversity here in Wesley Chapel, it's very.....white bread? I guess thats the best way of putting it.
Whenever I went out in Orlando, I knew within minutes I'd see something or someone interesting. I miss that.
I went to chapel yesterday and with the help on 2 ionizers, was able to stay for the whole meeting! However I came home grouchy with a killer headache and had to sleep for an hour, so something got me.

Kohls contacted me after finding my, "I'm too sexy," post. They gave me links to their site and a 10% off code for my readers that can be stacked with any of there other discounts. Just use Blogger10 to get your discount. Hope, I wish I had this for when you bought your dress!
I wonder if you put blogger20 as the code if you'd get 20 percent off. Hmmm.....

About my pool enclosure; I didn't realize these weren't common. Here in Florida, if you don't have a screened enclosure its hard to be outside. You'd be eaten alive by mosquitos and no-see-ums within seconds.



HopiQ said...

Oh, fun!!! I like that Kohls gave you a reward for your advertising. :)

I did get 20% off (google search) and I was happy with the price. I absolutely LOVE the dress! I got so many compliments yesterday when I wore it for the first time. {I ended up having to purchase online just hoping the dress would work for me and I wouldn't have to return it. The strange thing was that I went to the Kohls store...and it was not there. I even asked a sales lady, but she couldn't help me. I SAW THE DRESS ON ANOTHER WOMAN IN TOWN...yet the store did not have it. Hmmmm...)

Mrs. Cheerio said...

Thanks for mentioning about the enclosure. No where in AZ has them (that I've ever seen and I've been here my whole life). I think it's awesome.

Someday soon I hope to not be so awkward about how much I love your pool.