Wednesday, May 23, 2012


My blog friend Jane, over at Pix 'n Prose Blogged about what she is currently;

Obsessing over,
Working on,
Thinking about,
Listening to,
Praying for,

I thought I'd give it a go.

Obsessing over: Getting old and becoming destitute. I have no job or income.

Working on: nothing in particular, but I think a lot about things I should be working on. Its just more fun to play with my grandchildren....which is why I'll probably end up impoverished and destitute.

Anticipating: Brewier coming home tonight. He's been gone 3 weeks.

Listening to: Aimee Man, The Rescues, Donna Summer and The Bee Gees.

Eating: Chocolate almond milk pudding. I try to limit myself to one a day. But I always end up eating two.

Praying for: My husband, Jane and her family, my friend Vickie.

Wishing: Selfishly for good health so I could travel to the west coast and B.C.

Gratuitous photos.




Elizabeth said...

I can feel you on the obsessing over getting old and destitute. Lately all I keep thinking about is how fleeting life is, and I already have used up a good portion of it! I have a friend that is similar in age, and she said she has been going to those dark thoughts as well.

Just keep happy with your darling grandchildren. It is also nice to have your daughter around too I'm sure.

Vickie said...

Thanks for praying for me! I need it!

Mrs. Cheerio said...

Enjoy your husband!!! :) Glad he is home now.

Mrs. Cheerio said...

Enjoy your husband!!! :) Glad he is home now.

Wende said...

OOh, I like this list... I might use it tomorrow. I've hit a blogging slump! And YAY for husbands coming home. :D