Friday, May 11, 2012

The Big in Orlando.

That's where I've been all week. while my official reason for being here is to see my chiropractor, I stay extra days, (thanks to the hospitality of Mark and Darlene,) for my mental health. Oliver thinks of Mark as his other grandfather and won't go to bed at night until he has spent some time with him.

mark and oliver

Tuesday I went to Panera, to have lunch with Sandra, I was thrilled to be able to ride in my, (now Sandra's,) beloved Miata.


Yesterday morning was beautiful; low humidity, with a nice breeze, so Megan, Oliver and I walked Park Ave before the shops opened. We really miss our walks there and this was kind of bitter sweet. I kept telling Megan that instead of being sad that we don't live there anymore, to think about the fact that we get to visit every other week.

park ave

I wish we could have picked up some macaroons. Don't you love their chairs?


Oliver was intrigued by the Koi. While its not as pretty with the fencing up I'm so glad they did it....otherwise we may have had a wet baby.


We ended up having brunch at cafe 906, where I had the best cappuccino of my life, and if you know me, you know how picky I am about my coffee. The cafe is owned by a french couple, and their food is delicious. Vincent, one of the owners is very personable and talked to us while we ate. We left the cafe determined that we will learn to speak french.

cafe 906 2

Do we ever NOT photograph our food?

cafe 906

Before we head home today we are stopping at Dong A to stock up on coconut milk, and Costco. I'm hoping we can fit everything in the car, because one of the things I do while in Orlando is get my 6, 5 gallon jugs of North Carolina water. Sounds weird I know, but I get the worst stomach cramps drinking Florida water.

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