Monday, April 02, 2012

Une Visite de la Chambre à Coucher

I've been getting requests for photos of our new home and I've been hesitating to post any, because it doesn't feel or look like home. Because of the open floor plan, I'm not sure how to make what I already own, work and because this is a rental I don't want to buy anything specifically for this house. Today you get a tour of my bedroom. bed1

It is a huge room. That is a king size bed.

bed2 bed3

Did I mention the entire house is white?


Looking out the sliding doors you can see the pool house, (Brewiers bedroom and office.)


The door to my closet and to my bathroom. I can't show you pictures of my bathroom because of all the mirrors and the fact that my pajama-ed self could be seen in those mirrors. bed6

Here is a peek into my still messy closet, or as Megan refers to it, "Diagon Alley." It's where the kids always end up playing.



GREG PFLUG said...

with that tile floor all you need is a leaf blower to clean up. I'm also thinking about purchasing a big wheel for Oliver to ride around that giant home!

LindaSue said...

yes a leaf blower good idea - nice spacious look - I'm liking it - our new house is teeny and it isn't a rental!

Elizabeth said...

I'm looking at rentals now, and all I see is yucky carpet! I would love all that tile! I'm sure in your area though carpet would be a nightmare in more ways than one!

I think you have it looking pretty smart and spiffy. I love the pool!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! All the white makes your beautiful furniture stand out even more.