Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rhinestones, Diamonds, and Pearls, Oh My!

You know I have every intention of blogging daily, right? This time my blogging break has been due to being sick. What I thought were terrible allergies on Easter, making me look like I had two black eyes, were in reality a killer cold that still has me, and now Megan and Oliver, under the weather. Most of that sick time was spent in Orlando, at Darlene's house. I, along with my posse, (Meg and Oliver,) went to O-town on Tuesday for my chiropractor appointment, and to visit with Renee; then Wednesday I would go in and work for a few hours before heading back to Tampa. All of that happened, except I spent Wednesday afternoon getting an IV, making it rather late to drive home, that along with the fact I feel crummy after an IV meant we were spending another night at Dars. Thursday morning as we planned our trip home, I got a call from Brewier saying to stay in Orlando because the Tampa area was thick with smoke from the forest fires burning to the north of us. I really didn't feel like driving, so that was fine with I was wanting Thai food for lunch.
Friday morning we drove home and Jessica and the kids came over around lunch time. I think Clay is finally warming up to me. Jessica said he got very excited when he saw my house and started shouting, "Mae Mae!" Jessica had things to do at home and piano lessons to teach, but I was able to keep Addison here with me for the afternoon. She had been wanting to play with my jewelry and with out her siblings here, it was the perfect time to dress up.



While there are no pictures of me, just know that I was equally adorned with jewels.


But it wasn't just dressing up. It was a, "show," and a, "dance."


With costume changes.


You know she thinks she's and adult.



Jessica said...

Yes, she really, truly does think she's an adult. Addison is quite convinced of it.

Mrs. Cheerio said...

I'm sorry you, Megan and Oliver are sick- that stinks! I hope you are all feeling better soon...

I would LOVE to come play dress up in your stuff- it's all so great! Addison has great taste too, it seems!

Vickie said...

She is so cute! Hope you feel better soon.

Wende said...

I'm so sorry you're sick. Healing thoughts your way.

And even sick, you're a FABULOUS photographer. I love these captures. Amazing work, friend!

Wende said...

Ha! I'm such a creature of habit. . . I put my old blog address on that last comment. I'm really over on Mireio these days. What a goof. :D

Elizabeth said...

She is adorable!

Sure hope you are feeling better. I have no excuse for updating my blog, just laziness :(