Sunday, April 08, 2012

Oh Happy Day...and I Should Live in Canada.

Confession: I haven't been so happy lately. In fact I've been a bit very much on the blue side, struggling with living in a new area where I have no friends that drop by, and a very different lifestyle. (No garage sale, no Park Ave, no ethnic food places close by...) The shining light in all this blueness has been the promise of Easter, knowing that Ray, Jessica and the kids would be spending it with us. I was even happier when Jess asked if she could invite a Canadian family from church. Though I am an introvert, people=happiness. We had a fun, relaxing day, hanging out by the pool and looking for Easter eggs. This is a house made for entertaining and it was wonderful to have it full of family and friends.



We have an enormous yard.



The three boys.


and this sweet little girl.


Come evening, everyone went home; I did dishes then started getting ready for bed, when my phone rang. It was do I describe this, my blog friend Janes' friend, Sandra, who doesn't have a blog but reads mine, and who I've heard about and seen pictures of on Janes, (who I've never met,) blog. She and her family, (they are vacationing from Canada,) were just leaving Busch Gardens,(20 minutes from my house,) and could they stop by to meet me. Um...YES!!

Sandra and I, who would truly be best friend if we lived closer to each other.

sandra tricia

Her family:




It was a great visit, we wish they could have stayed longer. They were all awesome and friendly and Megan and I think we should live in Canada because everyone we meet from there is so nice. And they have clean air.

My happiness bubble was huge until, pop, it was burst when I saw photos of myself and the 15 pounds I've recently put on. Yes, I really am that vain.


Darlene Sherwood said...

I missed you at Easter dinner but how fun that you were able to have a house full and then meet Sandra!
See you soon.

Wende said...

That's so awesome!!

And, I know seeing yourself heavier is hard. . . But I just want to say, I think you look BEAUTIFUL!

Anonymous said...

What a happy day! I love your new house and especially the new yard. Wow!