Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Body is a Cage

(Arcade Fire)

Yes, I am still sick. Much of my time has been spent on the sofa, watching the Food channel and dreaming that Michael Chiarello is cooking all that delicious food for me.

food channel

Megan drove to me Orlando for an IV yesterday, only once I got there I was told they were out of an essential ingredient and couldn't do it. I decided that after driving all that way I wasn't going to leave without doing something, and opted for a different treatment. I then got to drive home in rush hour the pouring rain. Fun times.
This morning there were several neighborhood garage sales going on, so we chose to go to the community closest to us. While I didn't buy anything for myself I did find a dresser for Oliver, (pictures on Megans blog.) Oliver loved walking around holding Poppies hand.


After garage sales Brewier took me to Target and I bought this gorgeous scarf. Do you like how it matches my bedroom?

bed scarf

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Elizabeth said...

ooo I saw that scarf at Target, and thought it was so pretty.

Hope you are feeling better.