Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Is This Real Life?

Because it feels so dream like at times; like this morning while I lay under a crystal clear blue sky, next to my pool, located in my homes' courtyard, admiring our new palm tree. (Which is too big for the screened area and will be returned for a smaller specimen.) This afternoon has been spent watching four of my grandchildren play and run around the house...a house that I love and is so easy to keep clean, not to mention has a floor plan I fell in love with about 25 years ago. Ho wblessed I am with all that is going on in my life right now.
The palms are already touching the top of the screen.

new palm

We bought a bird of paradise too. I'm thinking another one, (or two,) would look swell.

new bird

Saturday there was a neighborhood garage sale not far from us. I found this pair of sconces for $5. I wasn't sure where I was going to put them and walked around the house holding them in different spots, not happy with any of them. I was starting to regret the purchase until that evening while sitting poolside, Brewier suggested hanging them on the columns. What a brilliant idea! There were even screws already in the concrete at the correct hight!

new sconce

Don't they look great? And they create very romantic mood lighting at night.

new pair


Mrs. Cheerio said...

It's amazing! I love your new home. It's BEAUTIFUL (and filled with so much love).

Elizabeth said...

Ahhh the pool looks refreshing!!

The sconces look fantastic there, and I bet at night they will be nice.

hilltopper said...

that pool looks fab-o. im going to have to come for a visit!!
im so glad that you love your new home.